Ward Street Grass Roots

A Hingham organization fighting for rational use of our Town’s resources

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Our Position

The Selectmen, the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals are charged with making sure that this project is in the best interest of the town as a whole.

Since this is town-owned land that we are being asked to donate to this project, this proposed major change in use affects all of us. Just as certainly as this project will change the character of our neighborhood, this project will affect the entire town. We believe that the proposed project is being shoehorned into a site that is ecologically sensitive and inappropriate for commercial-like use, that it would forever change the character of this part of South Hingham, and that it is not economically sustainable, either in the short or the long term.

And, in this time when as a town we are facing huge decisions on how to fund basic needs, we have to examine this project for its direct impact on the town’s resources: on many of our town’s departments, on its wildlife, potentially on its water supply, and most certainly on its finances. Not to mention on our children.

This proposal changes the use of 13 acres of town-owned land in 4 ways, each with distinct issues:

1. from rural, passive-use open space to developed, artificial, restricted space

2. from one playing field to two playing fields in constant use

3. from a manageable town-based operation that has minimal impact on the town’s resources, to a commercial-like sports business that puts a major burden on the town’s resources

4. from grass surfaces with health risks that we know about, to artificial turf surfaces that have yet to be proven safe both for the children who will be playing on them and for the environment.