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Having been conditionally approved by the Selectmen, the Turf Field plan must now receive permits from the Conservation Commission, the Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Board of Health, before finally going to Town Meeting for a vote on whether to allow 80’ lights and concessions stands on the fields. Plus, the Selectmen and the Recreation Commission will be drafting an operations and management agreement that will set out conditions of use, including usage fees, hours of operation, management policies and responsibilities, budget, and more.

Each of these Boards and agreements will address specific concerns. However, this is a very complex issue, involving many short-and long-range concerns that affect the town of Hingham and all of its residents.  If you are concerned about any aspect of this project, please consider how you can get involved in the important discussions that will determine the final product.

What issues does each Town Board address?

Recreation Commission
would be responsible for overall management of the fields: budgeting, scheduling, supervising, staffing and maintenance; is reviewing the business plan and drafting an operation and management agreement to be in place before construction

Conservation Commission
impact on natural resources including wetlands and rivers, soil, plants and trees, wildlife, groundwater, air quality and endangered species. maintains a 50’ no-touch buffer zone around all wetlands, and a 100’ control zone.

Planning Board
land use issues: zoning amendments, special permits (this plan needs Special Permits A-1 & A-3), site plan review: site plan, traffic, pedestrian access, parking, lighting, utilities, soil grading & drainage, surface water & erosion management, minimizing tree removal, obstruction of views, landscaping, sound & sight buffers, trash disposal, impact on Town’s resources including public works and safety, impact mitigation, appropriate use, scale and character for the neighborhood & more

Zoning Board of Appeals
often meets jointly with the Planning Board to deal with special permits and zoning variances

Board of Health
promotes and protects public health, by examining water quality, toxins and hazardous materials, disease control, food inspection, cleanliness of food establishments, private well construction, septic systems and setbacks from water supplies & wetlands, building permits, local emergency planning and more.

Advisory Committee
serves as the finance committee for the Town, reviewing all requests for annual operating and capital appropriations; makes recommendations on all articles on the Town Meeting Warrant, including the budget.

Each Board meets at Town Hall; check out the links to each board for much more information.